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Track Conversations

Make decisions with historical & real time conversation data.

We combine real time conversations with historical ones to help answer the toughest questions about engaged, churnable and retained conversations.

Real Time Conversations

We poll for data on a millisecond basis, so you can track every conversation of your bot live.

Compare Conversations

Compare live conversations with previous ones to explore different user interactions.

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1 ...
2 function track(recipient, message, timestamp)
3 {
4    request({
5      url: '',
6      body: JSON.stringify({message: message,
7      recipient: recipient,
8      token: "3c4d5x8...",
9      timestamp: timestamp}),
10     method: 'POST',
11     headers: {
12       'Content-Type': 'application/json',
13     }
14 },
15 ...

Easy development

All-In-One webhook makes integration easy for anyone.

Rather than force you to use sdk, we provide a simple but extensive webhook for integration.

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Inside the botanalytics

It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

Conversation's engagement

Find Conversation's Engagement. See the interactions and tipping points between your bot and user.

Bottlenecks of conversation

Explore Bottlenecks of Conversation. Dive deep to the conversation steps to find where your bot tires out.

Best re-engagement times

Best Re-engagement Times. Find out your users' best re-engagement times and reach them out.

rich visualization

Rich Visualization. Discover correlations of your data with wide range of graphs.

Discover user behavior

Discover User Behavior. Enhance your services with learning user behaviors.

Deeper insights

Deeper Insights. Explore extensive filtering for your retained, churned or highly engaged users.

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