Know your users.
Increase your engagement

Turn into more engaging users from
your leads by analyzing and tracking your metrics.
Also, jump into the conversation with
human take-over feature!

Know your users. Increase your engagement rates!
Analytics & User/Conversation Metrics

Analytics & User/Conversation

  • Measure Conversation Engagement
  • Find out Best Re-engagement Times
  • Discover User Behaviors
  • Examine Retention, Identify Your Retained,
    Engaged & Churned Users
  • Add your team members & colleagues to your account
  • Add multiple bots on one account
Segmentation of Conversations
Human Take-Over

Human Take-Over

  • Identify the point where your users
    are struggling
  • Jump into the conversations with a human-rep.
  • Solve your users' problems on your
    own immediately
  • Increase your engagement rates
    with human take-over feature
Funnels & Events Analysis
Human Take-Over

Broadcast Messaging

  • Send messages to your segmented users
    based on their engagement rates.
  • Broadcast at any time or in
    the scheduled time.
  • With the alert system, increase
    the engagement of bot-human

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