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We support
  • Messenger
  • Google Rbm
  • Watson Assistant
  • Slack
  • Google Assistant
  • Kik
  • Twitter
  • Telegram
  • Line
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Amazon Alexa
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Twilio
One-click integration for Facebook Messenger bots
Integrating your bot is easy

We provide simple but extensive webhooks for integration for all platforms. You do not worry about the rest and boost your bot success with advanced conversational analytics.

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Analyze and get insights for your bot engagement

We combine real time conversations with historical ones to help you answer the toughest questions about engaged, churnable and retained conversations.

Taking your bot to the next level is easy with our sentiment analysis and machine learning backed advanced conversational data analytics.

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Track your goals with funnels and segment your events

With the sophisticated segmentation, goal tracking in the conversations helps the iterations robuster and getting data-driven results.

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View the entire user journey with your events and
funnels for conversion rates.

Build better conversational flows!

We provide the best actionable AI powered conversational analytics platform for
your business and you drive engagement across your entire user lifecycle.

With our advanced AI, you can enhance your conversational success with
sentiment analysis, intent detection, A/B testing and more!

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What our customers tell about us

“The platform's ease of use, coupled with some excellent support from the Botanalytics team, has helped us to increase our engagement rate.”

Domino's Pizza
Product Manager

“Analytics is crucial for bots. From customer's standpoint, it's very useful to track our metrics, KPIs via Botanalytics. It helped us to iterate our bot to make the customer experience better”

Digital Strategy Manager

“If you would like to enhance your conversational flows for your clients, there comes Botanalytics for you to use to design better conversations”

Grey Agency
Brand Manager

“We're using Botanalytics to identify all the pain points on our chatbot and fix them immediately based upon the data output. It makes more meaningful action to take.”

ING Bank
Data Science Manager

“We've developed a number of bots and they are all connected to Botanalytics. It's very useful tool that saves a lot of time and money.”

Leo Kangin
Founder of MojiBots, MojiHunt, PennyCat

“Botanalytics gave us great and much deeper insight into users' behavior that allowed us to react and optimize our bot in real time.”

Uri Schneider
Co-founder & CEO, Champion.AI
Some of the brands using Botanalytics
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