Give Your Bot Agency Clients Better Bots

As a bot agency, you want to provide the best experience you can to clients; their success is your success. Our tools enable bot development agencies to better help their clients by offering powerful analytics tools. This allows your clients to measure their bots’ performance, engagement and retention rates, among other key metrics that lead them to success.

Help Your Bot Agency Clients with Advanced Analytics

Our platform also lets you add multiple users per account, so bot development agencies and their clients can all have shared access to their bots’ analytics. A bot agency may also send detailed reports to clients on their bots’ performance. Whether your clients want a hands-on approach to analytics or not, we make it easy for you to provide them with the analytics they need to iterate and improve their bots.

With features like measurable KPIs, trackable funnels and tools for broadcast messaging, Botanalytics helps bot development agencies keep track of clients’ bots. And with better optimized bots, your clients will be happier!

Take Your Bot Agency to the Next Level

Botanalytics supports more than 12 chatbot platforms, so you can ensure your clients are supported no matter what platform they call home.
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