The Fast & Easy Guide to Designing a Voice Assistant Personality

When developing a voice assistant, one of the most important things to remember is to give it a personality. Failure to do so can make it feel cold and robotic, which is hardly the time of presence users want to invite into their home. So before you dive into developing features and conversation flows, spend […]

Boost Your Social Media Marketing Strategy with Chatbots

When we think about business adoption of chatbots, customer service is the solution that typically comes to mind. 80% of brands plan to implement bots for customer service. However, bots can be used for so much more, from facilitating purchases to providing whole new experiences provided by startups. But in the intensely competitive world of […]

Why You Should Invest in Real Time Speech Analytics Right Now?

With a growing focus on voice applications offered via Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant, businesses are looking for ways to engage with consumers by voice. This shift in interface provides yet another data point for brands, businesses and bot makers to track: voice activity. In the coming year, speech analytics will become an […]

Battle of the Sexes: Applications of Chatbots and Gender Differences

Like most things, it’s no surprise that men and women use tech differently. Each has different intentions when it comes to how and why they interact with a device. Gender differences in technology use apply to chatbots too, of course. Some applications of chatbots appeal more to men than women, and each sex behaves differently […]

The GDPR Compliance Checklist for Chatbots: Are You Ready?

Users and businesses alike are still scrambling to understand and deal with the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook scandal, but the deadline for consumer data protection is quickly looming. On May 25, GDPR—or General Data Protection Regulations—will go into effect. While this is an EU law, it’s important to understand that all businesses processing users who live in […]

How to Promote a Chatbot: 4 Big Ways

As more and more businesses are jumping in on the chatbot space, the industry is becoming more competitive than ever. Discovery remains a big hurdle for new chatbots, though platforms are thankfully implementing solutions. The Facebook Messenger discover tab, for example, makes it easy for users to find the bots most relevant to their needs. […]

Learning from the Best Ecommerce Chatbots

Chatbots for retail provide many benefits for both customers and businesses. For customers, the benefits of ecommerce chatbots are obvious. They can quickly get support when an issue arises, browse items or seek inspiration or get updates on purchases. Some shopping chatbots might even allow users to make payments and get personalized deals without leaving the […]

A Brief Chatbot History, from the 20th Century to Now

Did you know that chatbot history dates as far back as the 1960s, well before the average consumer had access to the internet? Chatbots have come a long way since the second half of the 20th century. From simple conversation partners, they turned to powerful promotional tools for media brands and e-commerce businesses. So, where […]

Optimize Your Bot & Boost Performance with Analytics for Telegram Chatbots

The future of data is conversational by nature. As brands turn towards conversational interfaces, they’ll need to invest in conversational analytics in order to better understand their users—no matter the platform. Telegram chatbot analytics helps botmakers provide more personalized service and anticipate or troubleshoot problems. If a chatbot exists for customer service purposes, Telegram analytics […]