Hi everyone, we’ll talk about how to integrate your bots with Jovo!

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Jovo is an open-souce framework used for building voice apps for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant with one codebase. With the included powerful integrations Jovo helps you build professional apps faster.

the framework for voice app development

Bots integrated with Jovo and Botanalytics give you just the analysis you need. Here is how we do it:

1. Add a New Bot to Botanalytics.

First you’ll need to sign in to Botanalytics.

The login page

Click on Add a New Bot and fill in the bot information.

After adding the bot, scroll down and copy the API Key.

'great job!'

2. Enable Botanalytics in Jovo

There are two options that you can follow:

  • Use the Jovo app config
  • Use the add commands


'san francisco chatbot conference'


The example below can be used for both:

Option 1: Jovo app config

const config = {
 * Other settings
 analytics: {
 services: {
 BotanalyticsAlexa: {
 key: ‘<token>’,
 BotanalyticsGoogleAction: {
 key: ‘<token>’,

Option 2: Use the add commands


3. Download the Botanalytics Package

Via npm, in your terminal, use the following command to download the package:

npm install botanalytics --save

4. Check Your App

Click the “Check connection” button after using your app for a while.

good job page

Your analysis will be in your dashboard waiting for you!