How Voice Interface Technology Will Win the Future

So you’ve established a social strategy, developed an amazing app and may have even designed a bubbly, charismatic chatbot that customers can’t resist. But don’t rest on your laurels just yet; technology moves fast, and there’s a new interface that’s about to take over: voice interface technology.     Think about it. What’s the best, most […]

An Introduction to Voice Platforms and the Future of Voice Technology

With Amazon reporting that the Echo Dot was their best-selling item last holiday season and Apple’s HomePod on the way, there’s no question that voice technology is the next big platform. So many people are talking to their devices just as they speak to each other, what does this development in voice enabled technology mean […]

WhatsApp Business API is Making Brands Speak Up

How the WhatsApp Business API is Making Brands Speak Up WhatsApp has recently announced expanding its popular WhatsApp Business API to more vendors. Designed for medium and large businesses, the API allows businesses to easily reach users on the messaging app. But what does the API offer, and who benefits best from its features? If […]

Botanalytics – BLiP Integration for Chatbot Analytics

Botanalytics – BLiP Integration for Chatbot Analytics Hey Bot Fellows! We’re beyond excited to tell you all about our new chatbot integration with BLiP!  BLiP is the most comprehensive chatbot development platform. It helps enterprises embed their brands in messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, for customer service, marketing, and sales. Integrating several […]

Best Practices for Conversational Design for Multimodal Dialogue Skills

There are several different interfaces for conversational design, each providing different ways that the user interacts. The presence of a screen, for example, opens up the possibilities for multimodal dialogue. Even if a device doesn’t have a screen, if the user has another connected device that does—say, a mobile phone—then your Alexa skill could hand […]

Getting Up to Speed on the Alexa Gadgets Toolkit

If Amazon’s made anything clear, it’s that they want their Alexa assistant in almost every device in the home. From microwaves to even wall clocks, Alexa’s everywhere—and she’s about to spread to even more devices soon in the form of “Alexa Gadgets.” Manufacturers and developers can design their own Alexa Gadgets with the Alexa Gadgets […]

How to Use Alexa Blueprints for Custom Alexa Skills

You don’t have to be a tech expert or a big business to develop great Alexa skills. In fact, Amazon has made it easy for everyday users to develop their own personal skills with Alexa skill blueprints. Alexa skill blueprints are essentially templates that users can customize simply by filling in the blanks. The skills […]