Three Big Ways to Use a Chatbot for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

The holiday shopping season is fraught with stress and tension—for both shoppers and retailers. With so much riding on the season (some retailers experience 30% of their sales from holiday shopping alone), it’s essential that you make the most of the holiday season by helping customers easily find gifts and make purchases. Because chatbots already […]

The Ultimate Telegram Bot Tutorial

Launched in 2013, Telegram remains one of the most notable and popular cloud-based, multi-platform messenger services available. Among one of the platform’s biggest features is its support of chatbots, which are available in single-person or group chats. Telegram was among the first messenger platforms to make chatbots mainstream. Today the platform continues to offer features […]

How Sentiment Analysis Saves Your Customer Support Team Time & Effort

In today’s competitive landscape, customer service has become the key differentiator between brands. When users connect to a business online, they expect the brand to be easy to reach out to for a personalized experience. Unfortunately, this expectation can be tough to meet. With so many consumers to help and respond to when issues arise, […]

Why Natural Language Processing is Essential for Your Business Chatbot

While chatbots help users accomplish tasks quickly every day, most businesses still struggle to reach the ideal. A chatbot that provides an experience indistinguishable from interacting with a human being. Despite this reality, the technology that enables accurate, humanlike response isn’t science fiction. It exists right now. What’s the secret to boosting a chatbot’s accuracy […]

Ensure Your Retailer Chatbot is Ready for the Holiday Shopping Season Right Now

The holiday shopping season is an incredibly hectic time. Holiday season sales alone make up nearly a fifth of total retail sales per year, amounting to more than $3 billion annually. With shoppers and retailers alike in a frenzy, the huge increase in sales can also lead to confusion—whether customers have an issue to sort […]

How Corporate Brands are Using Deep Learning Right Now

Deep learning might sound like futuristic, sci-fi mumbo jumbo, but it’s a technology that’s being used right now all around us. In fact, the leading tech companies are making their deep learning applications open source, pushing the industry forward and making their findings available to startups, including Google, Facebook and IBM. This technology is revolutionizing […]

The Importance of Chatbot Feedback in Conversational Analytics

It’s no secret that chatbot analytics is essential for improving a bot’s retention, engagement and several other metrics of success. But sometimes data can be a little opaque, or bottlenecks might go unnoticed if you’re not careful. When interpreting data still has you scratching your head about why users stop talking to your bot, there must […]