Optimize Your Bot & Boost Performance with Analytics for Telegram Chatbots

The future of data is conversational by nature. As brands turn towards conversational interfaces, they’ll need to invest in conversational analytics in order to better understand their users—no matter the platform. Telegram chatbot analytics helps botmakers provide more personalized service and anticipate or troubleshoot problems. If a chatbot exists for customer service purposes, Telegram analytics […]

Chatting with the Most Useful & Best Facebook Messenger Bots

It’s nearly been two years since Facebook announced chatbot support at its F8 platform. What is the state of chatbots on Messenger today? In just one year, Facebook Messenger’s chatbot population ballooned to over 100,000, and the number continues to grow today. With so many chatbots available, it can be difficult to discover which are […]

Botanalytics Now Supports Twilio

Botanalytics adds a new platform to its supported platforms: Twilio. Twilio is a cloud communication platform which provides APIs for Voice & Video, Messaging, and Authentication for every application. With the announcement of supporting Twilio, brands can get insights from their customers through messaging services such as SMS. They can track what their customers react to their […]

Botanalytics Supports Referral Links!

As we all witnessed, at the beginning of the week Messenger announced v1.3 features. While there are some terrific updates, one of them is really useful for developers to get insights of the bots. Of course we are talking about parameters that you can understand where your users are coming from. With the referral parameters, you […]

Conversational Analytics and Chatbots

A few months ago, before Facebook announced the Messenger Platform, I wrote a post “App Stores to Bot Stores?” and since then things have been changing very fast in chatbot ecosystem and conversational analytics. As recently, Facebook announced more than 11,000 bots have been created on Messenger. While bots are growing, unveiling question about conversational […]