How Corporate Brands are Using Deep Learning Right Now

Deep learning might sound like futuristic, sci-fi mumbo jumbo, but it’s a technology that’s being used right now all around us. In fact, the leading tech companies are making their deep learning applications open source, pushing the industry forward and making their findings available to startups, including Google, Facebook and IBM. This technology is revolutionizing […]

What to Learn from the Rapid Development of AI and Machine Learning

Recently, Facebook made waves for pulling the plug on AIs that spontaneously developed their own language to negotiate. Based on the headlines this generated, you’d think we were on the brink of a bot apocalypse with machine learning. “Facebook AI Creates Its Own Language In Creepy Preview Of Our Potential Future”. “Facebook engineers panic, pull […]

How Healthcare Chatbots Empower Patients and Save Lives

Because health chatbots excel in providing hyper-personalized services, they make a natural fit for the healthcare industry. Personal data is incredibly important when it comes to providing healthcare. A physician assesses the patient’s medical history as well as everyday details like their diet, exercise regimen, symptoms and more. With healthcare chatbots, patients can use this […]

Check Out the Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online

Artificial intelligence is the cutting-edge technology permeating lots of industries today: advertising, government, entertainment, conversational analytics and (of course) chatbots. But despite being an ever-developing and en vogue technology, educational materials around artificial intelligence and machine learning are quite easy to come by. Moreover, internet is your best friend when it comes to finding great […]

How Does Big Data Impact Your Life?

We often hear about big data and how it seemingly controls everything around us. Often, the influence big data has on our lives is opaque and invisible. Just how does big data impact your life, really? If you use a smartphone or social media, it determines a great deal of what you watch, read, listen […]

With HomePod on the Horizon, Which Home Assistant is Best?

Unveiling its HomePod at the recent Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple probably didn’t surprise anyone by stepping into the home assistant game. With Amazon and Google having established the market, it was only a matter of time for the company to assert a place for itself among the competition. But with yet another option stepping into […]

Are Chatbots Making Us Lonely?

Hey Siri, hey Cortana, okay Google—conversation is just a tap away, and not just to my friends. Today, there’s dozens of quirky chatbots and automated assistants I can talk to about the weather, play games with or exchange jokes and stories with. With the prevalence of so many chatbots, one might begin to wonder if […]

Understanding Psychology Behind Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming popular among digital marketing services as a tool to reach out to the customers for the marketers. That’s the reason people are getting used to them day by day. However, when we think about why we’re into chatbots, we can consider psychology and human nature behind it. Possible Psychologic Effect and Related-Human […]

App Stores to Bot Stores?

We all know that it’s getting harder to download, update, manage apps on mobile devices. Plus, cost of user acquisition with ads for app installation has been increasing dramatically. While this questions the native app ecosystem, bots are performing their first steps in messaging platforms like Facebook, Slack, WeChat, Line and newly Skype. shoppings, travel […]