How to Promote a Chatbot: 4 Big Ways

As more and more businesses are jumping in on the chatbot space, the industry is becoming more competitive than ever. Discovery remains a big hurdle for new chatbots, though platforms are thankfully implementing solutions. The Facebook Messenger discover tab, for example, makes it easy for users to find the bots most relevant to their needs. […]

Chatting with the Most Useful & Best Facebook Messenger Bots

It’s nearly been two years since Facebook announced chatbot support at its F8 platform. What is the state of chatbots on Messenger today? In just one year, Facebook Messenger’s chatbot population ballooned to over 100,000, and the number continues to grow today. With so many chatbots available, it can be difficult to discover which are […]

Best Practices for Travel Chatbot User Experience

One of the best industries for chatbots is the travel and tourism industry. This is because the customer needs inspiration as well as customer service in the form of planning a trip. Also, choosing among different deals. A travel chatbot, then, is perfectly positioned to provide personalized service to meet these needs. That said, there […]

10 Crucial Tips for Building a Kik Chatbot

It seems like everyone has a chatbot these days, and many chatbot development platforms have cropped up to help everyday users and sophisticated bot makers alike build the bot of their dreams. Are you itching to build a Kik chatbot of your own? There’s no better time to than now. Popular messaging platform Kik is […]