WhatsApp Business API is Making Brands Speak Up

How the WhatsApp Business API is Making Brands Speak Up WhatsApp has recently announced expanding its popular WhatsApp Business API to more vendors. Designed for medium and large businesses, the API allows businesses to easily reach users on the messaging app. But what does the API offer, and who benefits best from its features? If […]

Botanalytics – BLiP Integration for Chatbot Analytics

Botanalytics – BLiP Integration for Chatbot Analytics Hey Bot Fellows! We’re beyond excited to tell you all about our new chatbot integration with BLiP!  BLiP is the most comprehensive chatbot development platform. It helps enterprises embed their brands in messaging applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, for customer service, marketing, and sales. Integrating several […]

The Top Industries Driving Chatbot Innovation

In the past few years, chatbots have really had a chance to grow and dip into the mainstream. While 67% of chatbots today are used for customer support, many companies are using bots to experiment with chatbots to find revolutionary, new uses for them. But when it comes to industries using chatbots today, some are a […]

The Three Big Questions About Millennials and Chatbots

The future looks bright for millennials and chatbots. over half of millennial consumers are interested in using messaging apps to connect to businesses. And, more than a third of them prefer using messaging platforms to connect with a business over other channels. It’s clear that millennials enjoy chatbots, but what specifically do they like about them? […]

How Healthcare Chatbots Empower Patients and Save Lives

Because health chatbots excel in providing hyper-personalized services, they make a natural fit for the healthcare industry. Personal data is incredibly important when it comes to providing healthcare. A physician assesses the patient’s medical history as well as everyday details like their diet, exercise regimen, symptoms and more. With healthcare chatbots, patients can use this […]