Battle of the Sexes: Applications of Chatbots and Gender Differences

Like most things, it’s no surprise that men and women use tech differently. Each has different intentions when it comes to how and why they interact with a device. Gender differences in technology use apply to chatbots too, of course. Some applications of chatbots appeal more to men than women, and each sex behaves differently […]

How to Promote a Chatbot: 4 Big Ways

As more and more businesses are jumping in on the chatbot space, the industry is becoming more competitive than ever. Discovery remains a big hurdle for new chatbots, though platforms are thankfully implementing solutions. The Facebook Messenger discover tab, for example, makes it easy for users to find the bots most relevant to their needs. […]

A Brief Chatbot History, from the 20th Century to Now

Did you know that chatbot history dates as far back as the 1960s, well before the average consumer had access to the internet? Chatbots have come a long way since the second half of the 20th century. From simple conversation partners, they turned to powerful promotional tools for media brands and e-commerce businesses. So, where […]

Voice Enabled Chatbots vs. Messenger Bots: Everything You Need to Know

When we talk about “conversational interface,” we’re really talking about two very different interfaces: text conversation and voice. Users interact with chatbots using both interfaces every day, with each interface having its own pros and cons. What are the key similarities and differences between voice chatbots versus messenger chatbots, and which is right for your […]

Online Dating is Broken. Dating Chatbots Are Here to Help

Dating apps are extremely popular, but that doesn’t mean most people enjoy using them. Now that dating apps have become the norm, it’s easy to see their shortcomings. For one, these apps become sites for abuse towards women. One can glance at the Bye Felipe Instagram account to view the staggering amount of hateful messages […]

The Top Industries Driving Chatbot Innovation

In the past few years, chatbots have really had a chance to grow and dip into the mainstream. While 67% of chatbots today are used for customer support, many companies are using bots to experiment with chatbots to find revolutionary, new uses for them. But when it comes to industries using chatbots today, some are a […]

Three Big Ways to Use a Chatbot for Your Holiday Marketing Campaign

The holiday shopping season is fraught with stress and tension—for both shoppers and retailers. With so much riding on the season (some retailers experience 30% of their sales from holiday shopping alone), it’s essential that you make the most of the holiday season by helping customers easily find gifts and make purchases. Because chatbots already […]