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Near Future Trend: Bots and Ads

As we’re closing 2016, chatbots have become a big technological development for all of the brands.  Since the number of chatbots are increasing, marketers started using this channel effectively. Furthermore, there’s one thing we’ll talk about chatbots in 2017: Ads on Bots.  No doubt that chatbots are making our lives [...]


Botanalytics Supports Referral Links!

As we all witnessed, at the beginning of the week Messenger announced v1.3 features. While there are some terrific updates, one of them is really useful for developers to get insights of the bots. Of course we are talking about parameters that you can understand where your users are coming from. With the referral parameters, you can [...]


Highlights of ChatbotConf 2016 Vienna

Europe’s first international chatbots and mobile messaging conference, ChatbotConf 2016, took place in Vienna on October 14th, 2016. We were the attendees as Botanalytics and had the opportunity to meet chatbot enthusiasts all over the world. The chatbot conference kicked off early in the morning with the crepes and pancakes. Attendees [...]


Conversational Analytics and Chatbots

A few months ago, before Facebook announced the Messenger Platform, I wrote a post “App Stores to Bot Stores?” and since then things have been changing very fast in chatbot ecosystem and conversational analytics. As recently, Facebook announced more than 11,000 bots have been created on Messenger. While bots are growing, unveiling [...]