Optimize Your Bot & Boost Performance with Analytics for Telegram Chatbots

The future of data is conversational by nature. As brands turn towards conversational interfaces, they’ll need to invest in conversational analytics in order to better understand their users—no matter the platform. Telegram chatbot analytics helps botmakers provide more personalized service and anticipate or troubleshoot problems. If a chatbot exists for customer service purposes, Telegram analytics […]

13 More of the Best Bots on Telegram

One of the leading messaging platforms, Telegram offers tons of amazing bots for entertainment, shopping, productivity and more. These Telegram bots are excellent tools for individual and group use, But there’s a caveat: it can be difficult finding the best! While we’ve identified some of the best Telegram chatbots in the past. We’re digging deep […]

The Ultimate Telegram Bot Tutorial

Launched in 2013, Telegram remains one of the most notable and popular cloud-based, multi-platform messenger services available. Among one of the platform’s biggest features is its support of chatbots, which are available in single-person or group chats. Telegram was among the first messenger platforms to make chatbots mainstream. Today the platform continues to offer features […]