9 Free Resources for Google Action & Alexa Skill Builders

Whether it be an Alexa skill or Google action, building a voice app can be tough for both large teams and independent developers. But with the proper Google and Alexa skills resources or tools, you can save yourself a great deal of time and stress. Thankfully, there are tons of free tutorials and tools available […]

What Amazon Alexa Brings to the Discussion on Voice Assistant Marketing

Hey Alexa, what’s up? It’s a question many users are asking as virtual assistants become more ubiquitous in our lives. Because users are turning away from typing into Google search boxes and social media and turning to their assistants instead, it’s a good idea for brands to follow suit. It’s time for voice assistant marketing. […]

The Fast & Easy Guide to Designing a Voice Assistant Personality

When developing a voice assistant, one of the most important things to remember is to give it a personality. Failure to do so can make it feel cold and robotic, which is hardly the time of presence users want to invite into their home. So before you dive into developing features and conversation flows, spend […]

Why You Should Invest in Real Time Speech Analytics Right Now?

With a growing focus on voice applications offered via Amazon Alexa, Microsoft Cortana and Google Assistant, businesses are looking for ways to engage with consumers by voice. This shift in interface provides yet another data point for brands, businesses and bot makers to track: voice activity. In the coming year, speech analytics will become an […]

A Brief Chatbot History, from the 20th Century to Now

Did you know that chatbot history dates as far back as the 1960s, well before the average consumer had access to the internet? Chatbots have come a long way since the second half of the 20th century. From simple conversation partners, they turned to powerful promotional tools for media brands and e-commerce businesses. So, where […]

Ok Google, What Are the Top Google Home Commands?

Your Google Home device can do an impressive number of tasks, but chances are you aren’t even aware of many of them. If you sometimes find that the assistant can’t understand what you’re asking—or that scrolling through the Google Home actions list is too overwhelming—then begin by using some of our favorite Google Home skills […]

How to Setup Amazon Echo & Other Alexa Devices

Setting up an Alexa-enabled device—or an entire home ecosystem of them—can certainly seem daunting. The fact that these devices have no screen (barring the Echo Show) and few buttons can make setup even more intimidating! Thankfully, this isn’t the case: connecting an Alexa device without any Amazon Echo setup problem is made easy with the […]

Voice Enabled Chatbots vs. Messenger Bots: Everything You Need to Know

When we talk about “conversational interface,” we’re really talking about two very different interfaces: text conversation and voice. Users interact with chatbots using both interfaces every day, with each interface having its own pros and cons. What are the key similarities and differences between voice chatbots versus messenger chatbots, and which is right for your […]

Say Hi to the 7 Best Alexa Skills

Amazon’s Echo devices are incredibly popular—so much so that the tech giant is quickly releasing devices with new interfaces, like the Echo Show and upcoming Echo Look. The biggest draw to these devices are their hands-free, voice-enabled interface and Alexa assistant. Users perform tasks on the devices by using Alexa skills. If you’re a brand-new […]