Check Out the Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online

Artificial intelligence is the cutting-edge technology permeating lots of industries today: advertising, government, entertainment, conversational analytics and (of course) chatbots. But despite being an ever-developing and en vogue technology, educational materials around artificial intelligence and machine learning are quite easy to come by. Moreover, internet is your best friend when it comes to finding great […]

How Does Big Data Impact Your Life?

We often hear about big data and how it seemingly controls everything around us. Often, the influence big data has on our lives is opaque and invisible. Just how does big data impact your life, really? If you use a smartphone or social media, it determines a great deal of what you watch, read, listen […]

Best Practices for Travel Chatbot User Experience

One of the best industries for chatbots is the travel and tourism industry. This is because the customer needs inspiration as well as customer service in the form of planning a trip. Also, choosing among different deals. A travel chatbot, then, is perfectly positioned to provide personalized service to meet these needs. That said, there […]