The Rise of the Chatbot Startup

The most common chatbots you’ll find online serve as customer support agents, marketing channels or entertainment applications. But as chatbots become more popular and refined, many businesses are focusing solely on chatbots to provide a core experience. What we’re seeing now is a chatbot startup shift where chatbots as businesses offer unique experiences to users in […]

How Healthcare Chatbots Empower Patients and Save Lives

Because health chatbots excel in providing hyper-personalized services, they make a natural fit for the healthcare industry. Personal data is incredibly important when it comes to providing healthcare. A physician assesses the patient’s medical history as well as everyday details like their diet, exercise regimen, symptoms and more. With healthcare chatbots, patients can use this […]

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Chatbot Development Platforms

While chatbots are popular for brands and consumers alike, some might be reticent to build their own because it seems overly complicated and technical to do right. But building a helpful, convenient and informative chatbot doesn’t need to be tough. In fact, with the right chatbot development platforms, it can take just minutes to design […]

Check Out the Best Artificial Intelligence Courses Online

Artificial intelligence is the cutting-edge technology permeating lots of industries today: advertising, government, entertainment, conversational analytics and (of course) chatbots. But despite being an ever-developing and en vogue technology, educational materials around artificial intelligence and machine learning are quite easy to come by. Moreover, internet is your best friend when it comes to finding great […]