These Are the Top 10 Travel Bots

Planning a trip can be a big deal: you must plan for transportation, lodging, dining, sightseeing and more. To add to the stress, much of this must be arranged well beforehand—and can be quite costly. Thankfully, travel chatbots are stepping up to the challenge to help travelers plan their trips smoothly and at a low […]

Motion AI and Botanalytics Partner to Improve Conversational Flows

Motion AI, one of the well-known platforms for building chatbots, partners with Botanalytics, a fast-growing leading chatbot analytics platform. The partnership brings both services, providing a single platform for drawing flowchart for a bot without any programming skills and providing advanced analytics features to iterate bots. Bot makers can diagram their conversation flow, connect their […]

3 Tips on Improving Chatbot Retention

Chatbot retention has been a real problem. It’s so poor that most people don’t even get past the first two messages. According to İlker Köksal, the CEO of Botanalytics, the initial drop-off is huge: “About 40 percent of users never get past the first text, and another 25 percent drop off after the second message. […]