Are Chatbots Making Us Lonely?

Hey Siri, hey Cortana, okay Google—conversation is just a tap away, and not just to my friends. Today, there’s dozens of quirky chatbots and automated assistants I can talk to about the weather, play games with or exchange jokes and stories with. With the prevalence of so many chatbots, one might begin to wonder if […]

Highlights of Bot Spotlight Demo Day #2

Last week, March 28th, Bot Spotlight Demo Day took place in T-Jump Startup Hub. After having networking time, all startups started to pitch. 8 bot startups and bot makers pitched their decks and demos: Bicycle AI — Abhishek Nayak Bicycle AI use the best of machine intelligence with human supervision to provide an exceptional customer service experience. […]

Bot Enthusiasts Series: Akemi Tazaki

Our Bot Enthusiasts blog interview in March is with Akemi Tazaki. Akemi is an experienced designer in user centered design for mobile, web and consumer electronics. She is absolutely passionate to learn new cultures and skills. Here are some questions we asked her about chatbots and conversational UX and her answers for Bot Enthusiasts Series. […]