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With Botanalytics, bot developers can track their metrics based on data outputs of their bots. Measuring engagement and retention help bot makers iterate their bot easily. To improve human-to-bot communication, bot makers should invest in some tools that will help them iterate their bots. Although, It's time taking and effortful process, this will help them analyze their bot better and serve better customer experiences.

Iterate your Bot, Reach to Better Conversations

Bot makers should be aware of iterating their bots in order to serve better experiences even before their bot becomes live. You can also educate yourself about the metrics that you should track, because metrics show the health of the bot itself. You should keep an eye on their metrics all the time.

Analyzing a stand-alone bot by itself is an focus required effort. Feeding the cycles of the bot development process with data, takes the bot to an upper level. Ongoing iteration comes with correlated actions observing the data of your chatbot. Tracking the events and creating funnels based on segmentation, and sending push notifications to your users can increase the engagement rates up to the sky. Thus, it’s crucial to start immediately.

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