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As fun as coding might be, we see developers stressing themselves out about new integrations all the time. Botanalytics is designed to be a "chill zone" for you. Processes run smoothly with little to no coding required, so that you can actually enjoy your work.

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Connect your bots very easily, whether they are voice bots or chat bots. The setup process is easy and runs smoothly.


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Botanalytics: Not only making data simple,
but also relevant.

We offer a wide range of metrics for you to interpret. With our user profile endpoint, you get to send us important details about your audience, including age, language, or location.


Yet another feature we think you'll like is natural language understanding. Through our NLU payload, you can send us intents from the bots you created on NLU compatible platforms such as Microsoft LUIS, Rasa or Watson Assistant.


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"I found Botanalytics very practical and easy to use. It has great features that help me track how well my bots are doing, plus it's fairly easy to do so. The metrics they offer also let me interpret the data and make necessary changes to my bots."
Jim Davis, Programmer

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