Maximize Conversion for Corporate Bots with Conversational Data

If your business offers a brand bot to connect with your fans or consumers, Botanalytics can help to ensure it performs to the best of its ability. Using our software, you can improve interactions between brand bots based on user behavior. From there, you can optimize your bot to generate sales and improve campaigns.

Gathering Data from Brand Bot Users

On our dashboard, you can easily measure corporate bots’ engagement rates and retention rates at a glance. But that’s not all: we offer crucial metrics including most active hours, common phrases, best times for re-engagement and more to help you to connect to your users. By offering user profiles and making segmentation easy, our tools empower you to better target the groups you’re looking for.

Find out what your most engaged users love about your brand bot, and use that data to build engagement for everyone else. Our visualized, actionable data lets you create trackable events to measure goals and corporate KPIs. By setting up funnels, you can use your brand bot as a powerful sales tool to target and convert users.

Integration to Any Corporate Bot is Easy

Setting up Botanalytics for your corporate bot is simple, using just a webhook.
Learn how you can get analytics up and running by reading our documentation.

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