Botanalytics is the fastest solution
for tracking conversational success.

Botanalytics is a conversational analytics software that helps you get deep insights on how people interact with your business via text or voice.

Bot Analytics

Have a closer look at the features

  • Track live conversations

  • Keep an eye on overall bot health in real time

  • Personalize dashboard to track specific KPIs

  • Export data to make comparisons

  • Segment conversations according to intents

  • Find out bottleneck points that make users leave

  • Discover improvement areas in the flows

  • Find and cure not-handled intents

  • View similarly clustered messages

  • Identify bottleneck points and not handled messages

  • Explore several ways of providing more accurate responses

  • Export and analyse after removing non-contributing data

  • Filter conversations and see targeted user lists

  • Adjust your campaigns to match your target audience

  • Export user lists and create lookalike audiences

  • Spend less on advertisements, get greater ROI

  • Track specific keywords or phrases inside conversations

  • Create funnels with inside conversation events

  • Observe funnel completion rates

  • Conduct A/B tests with different funnels

  • Analyze users coming back after the first interaction

  • See how flow changes affect user motivation

  • Increase users’ lifetime value and boost your revenue

  • Keep existing users, acquire new ones

What's in it for you?

Chris E.

Conversational UI Designer

“I want to find bottleneck points and cure them.”

Walk through previous conversations to see most common paths, find out where users exit the conversation, work on building new flows for areas that need improvement.

Julia D..

Customer Success Manager

“I want to measure bot success in handling customer support queries.”

Check out average session length, conversation details & transcripts, and conversation paths to find out how your bot performs. Pinpoint problematic areas and fix.

Edward E.

VP of Technology

“I want to understand more about return of investing in chatbots & voice assistants.”

See how many people interact with your chatbot, what kind of actions do they take, check out conversation funnel results and keep an eye on overall performance.

Olivia D.

Growth Marketer

“I want to attract more people to visit our website through messaging apps.”

Set up new campaigns by filtering your audience according to your selected keywords. Know who talks about what, and target the right audience when delivering campaigns.


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