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What Sets Our Conversational Analytics Apart

Botanalytics makes it easy to learn from your users and deliver the experience they want or need.

With rich conversational data and the ability to track goals on your bot, we seek to empower bot makers

to improve their chatbots’ responses and track funnels on user engagement. Here are just a few things that set us apart.

  • Multiplatform Conversational Analytics in One Place

    Botanalytics is the only conversational analytics platform that supports more than 12 different platforms at the same time. With multiplatform compatibility, agencies or brands handling multiplatform bots can view and act on their data all in one place. Our long list of supported platforms and easy integration means anyone with a bot can enjoy sophisticated chatbot analytics.

  • Unique Conversational Analytics for Conversational Data

    A hallmark of our conversational analytics platform is the ease of tracking user lifecycle. Our dashboard lets you dive into conversations with your bot, showing you things like: who spoke to your bot and when, how many conversations they’ve had, the number of conversation steps and more. You can also check on transcripts of every past conversation—and compare them to current conversations as they happen.

  • Track Goals on Your Bot with Events

    Finally, you can track goals on your bot easily through our software. With our unique conversational analytics, defining events around specific statements is made easy, which you can then track for frequency. Offering funnels on bot engagement, our software lets you track completion rates, payments and KPIs. Our dashboard is an excellent companion to brands who want to generate leads and sales as they improve bots.

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