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Offer Sophisticated, Rich Analytics on Your Bot Development Platform

We partner with bot development platforms to help makers create chatbots and analyze their data at the same time.

Make Your Bot Development Platform Fully Featured with Analytics

A chatbot developer’s work isn’t done once their bot goes live. In fact, that’s just the beginning! Once it’s released into the wild, a developer must keep tabs on how their bot is being used and how things can be improved. This means a bot developer needs rich data solutions—but does your bot platform provide it?

Rather than ask your users to juggle between your platform and another, you can simply integrate our sophisticated tools onto yours. By offering Botanalytics through your bot platform, you can provide key metrics to your users in the same place they built their bots.

This makes it easier than ever for bot makers to measure their chatbots and learn from user behavior. Better yet, they can act on that data immediately from the same platform. When your users have a better time building and iterating their bots, they’ll be happier with your service.

Get Botanalytics Running on Your Bot Platform

With a fully featured chatbot development platform, you can meet all your users’ needs in one place. Check out all the features and metrics Botanalytics can offer your users here. If you would like to be a partner, simply send an email to We’ll be in touch!

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