Smart Report

Smart Report helps businesses learn to make the best use of their bots

We target businesses that are willing to include bots in their customer care operations in order to scale better, save better and most importantly satisfy their customers better. To achieve this end, Smart Report gives a complete story about your customer care operations from top to the bottom.

Old Way

Before Botanalytics

1 Build your bot

2 Subscribe to an analytics platform

3 Get basic KPIs

Be forced to guess what is
wrong with your bot

New Way

After Botanalytics

1 Subscribe Smart Reports

2 Build your bot

3 Get weekly insights on usage

  • Bottlenecks of your virtual agent
  • Where your human agents fail
  • Tedious tasks performed by human agents
Ready to make best use of your bots & agents?

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Botanalytics SmartReports powers the world's fastest-growing brands working in:

Engagement Analytics

See your team's campaign efforts

  • Completed Engagements / Sales Quota
  • Conversation Breakdown
  • Abandon Rate

Sales Rep Analytics

Analyze Productivity

  • Leads Engaged
  • Completed Engagements / Sales Quota
  • Abandonment Rate
  • Median Engagement Duration
  • Median Conversation Length
  • Median Response Time
  • Level of Politeness

Automation Insights

Discover tedious, easily automated tasks with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms

  • Intent clusters and volumes

Bot Analytics

Identity inefficient practices by using our NLP Engine

  • Completed Engagements / Sales Quota
  • Median Conversation Length
  • Abandoned Conversations
  • Last phrases before bots switch to reps

Why use a data-driven approach
to your business?

Customer Satisfaction

Operational Costs

Scale Customer
Care Operations Easily

Customer care operations are highly complex, making it hard to grasp what exactly is going on in your business. Smart Report is a projection of your business offering a simplified view of every aspect of your customer care campaign where you can see and keep track of correlations and bottlenecks of your bot.

Ready to make the best use of your bots & agents?

Get in touch with us for happier customers, reduced costs and improved service.