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Why Should You Use Voice Analytics?

Congrats, you’ve launched your new voice bot & skill! Well, how do you make sure you keep up with user expectations? Do they enjoy having a conversation with your voice bot? Or do they get bored and leave the conversation after a few minutes?

Voice is the new big platform. Voice interfaces and voice devices are everywhere, waiting for humans to interact with them, and finally free humans from limitations of touch interfaces. People love voice interfaces because they’re hands-free and easy to use. However, in order to make the most out of this voice technology & voice device capabilities and offer the best solution to users, voice analytics is crucial.

You need to track your bot's performance on a regular basis, keep an eye on how it is performing to make it hit the charts. We currently provide analytics for Amazon Alexa skills and Google Assistant actions.

How Does Botanalytics Help?

Botanalytics offers advanced conversational analytics data for voice bots & skills using sentiment analysis, machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Then, you enhance your bot’s conversational capabilities by regularly checking your dashboard and using our reports to make your customers happier by adapting to their needs and expectations!

Here are the key features offered by Botanalytics to scale and improve your bot's performance;

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