What is Botanalytics?

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Botanalytics is a conversational analytics tool focused on analyzing engagement and retention measurement for chatbots.
It’s available for bots on many conversational UI platforms, including Facebook Messenger, Slack, Amazon, Google, Kik, and more.

Developers need chatbot analytics to improve their bots, so we empower them to 
learn more about their users’ behavior with easy-to-use tools.

How Botanalytics Makes Your Chatbot Better?

Conversational UI is still relatively new for many businesses and users. 
This means most bots aren’t perfect; there’s plenty room for improvement.

By assessing bot analytics regularly, you can discover bottlenecks, identify your most engaged (and churned) users, and watch conversations unfold every step along the way. With comprehensive, visualized data at your fingertips, you can gain key insights about how well your bot is performing—and how it get even better.

We offer an assortment of chatbot analytics in one dashboard. From the overview, you can view key metrics at a glance. If you want to take a deep dive into bot analytics, you can browse data on conversations, user activity and retention. Botanalytics lets you compare conversation histories with ones happening in real time, and offers extensive filters to help you easily find the information you need.

Supported Conversational UI Platforms

We work with bots on a variety of conversational UI platforms. 

We’ll help you improve engagement with your bots.

  • Messenger
  • Slack
  • Google Assistant
  • Twitter
  • Kik
  • Line
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Amazon Alexa
  • WeChat
  • Viber
  • Twilio

In addition to bots on these platforms, we can also help you analyze your Google Assistant actions and Amazon Alexa skills.

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Botanalytics offers sophisticated, visual chatbot analytics to help you increase bot engagement and retention.

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