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No matter your chatbot’s purpose, our software can help you learn about your users and increase engagement rates.
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Bot Development Platforms

Bot development platforms use Botanalytics to access all the metrics they need in one place. By putting user,
conversation, activity and retention analytics at your fingertips, we make the bot development

process smoother for users who want to perfect their bots.

Bot Agencies & Digital Agencies

We help bot agencies remain competitive by providing tools to optimize their bots for better retention and engagement. This way, bot agencies can deliver their promise on designing the best chatbots possible for their clients.

In addition to the above, digital agencies offering chatbot services may also benefit from data that can be used on all aspects to a client’s overall digital strategy, such as user profiles. Chatbots offer a novel way for digital agencies to augment social campaigns, so the data collected through them by our tools may be useful to other channels as well.


Corporate brands are leaning in on the chatbot revolution to provide novel, fun ways to engage with their fans. Our dashboard helps them ensure conversations are running smoothly, delivering an immersive and friendly on-brand experience.

Single bot brands can easily measure the usefulness of their bots and identify moments where they might run into error. Brands that use bots for customer service and support may use our tools for ensuring speed and clarity to their bots’ conversations. Our human takeover feature makes it easy to jump in to take care of more difficult, sensitive issues as they arise.

Bot Developers

Single bot developers can easily measure the engagement and retention on their bots to improve their human-to-bot communication.
Bot developers who create their bots for any kind of area may use Botanalytics for ensuring all the improvements for their bots’ conversations.

We Work with Many Conversational UI Platforms

We support bots on a variety of platforms, including SMS and other conversational UI platforms.

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